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Solution ITSM de nouvelle génération par excellence, Tentaq est un logiciel helpdesk de gestion du service complet qui prend en charge les appels de service, la géolocalisation des véhicules, la gestion des employés, le suivi des opérations, l'archivage des informations et plus encore!

Equipment and other items  

A customer's equipment is usually the target item for a service request. At TENTAQ we have extended this concept by allowing a company to rename information relating to it in order to adapt the environment to different needs.

The historical data kept make it possible to assess the level of reliability of a specific equipment (or item).

Vehicle fleet

All important vehicle information required for assignment of jobs and employees can be documented using the console.

Levels of service

Equipment (or item) information is permanently stored in the database and, if necessary, is linked to service agreement information in order to give a consistent picture of the contractual agreement with the customer who records a demand. This agreement usually involves meeting certain deadlines and terms of service.


This integration indicates to the stakeholder whether or not a period of time should be billed when service work is documented.


Notifications and escalations can also refer to service levels in order to automatically generate the appropriate notifications according to the ITIL “Information Technology Infrastructure Library” model.

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