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Mobile application adapted for workers

We make life easier for the many workers who need to use our mobile application by always ensuring that the user interface is simple, intuitive and adapted to their daily needs.

Service Requests

The requests assigned to a worker are easily accessible via a calendar or a drop-down list in which they can select or complete the information they need to carry out their work or even find the location of a client using a map and an itinerary.

Documents relating to the client such as plans or reports to be completed are inserted in the request and accessible via the mobile application. Photos of completed work can be taken and are automatically saved in the TENTAQ cloud environment upon synchronization.


WhenA request is assigned to a stakeholder, he is automatically notified and the request information is transferred to the mobile application as soon as he becomes aware of it. The dispatcher is able to check whether the notification has been read and received.

Billing on the road

The person responsible for a request can choose to invoice the customer directly when the intervention is completed. The invoice isthentransmittedto the customer via email. He can also simply complete the request by indicating the parts and the time invoiced, and leave it to accounting to validate the information before sending the invoice to the customer. Corrections to the invoice can therefore be made before final sending.

Solution ITSM de nouvelle génération par excellence, Tentaq est un logiciel helpdesk de gestion du service complet qui prend en charge les appels de service, la géolocalisation des véhicules, la gestion des employés, le suivi des opérations, l'archivage des informations et plus encore!

Routing service requests and notifications to the mobile app

Diagramme structure Tentaq FR v8.png
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